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Welcome to Little Construction Co., Inc.

Little Construction Co., Inc. is a full-service construction company in New Jersey specializing in post frame construction. We work directly with our New Jersey clients to design a post frame building specifically to meet your needs, and we use our own crews and equipment to build what we sell.

Why Little Construction for Post Frame Building Construction in New Jersey?

Proudly serving the New Jersey area, including Burlington County NJ, South Jersey, and Central Jersey, Little Construction Co., Inc. is an award-winning post frame builder located in Mount Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey. For over 40 years Little Construction Co., Inc. remains passionate about making beautiful, functional, economical post frame construction buildings for our clients in New Jersey and surrounding areas. We have designed and built over 1,200 post frame buildings for our New Jersey area clients, and have many repeat customers.

Services we provide for our New Jersey commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential post frame building clients include building design, architect drawings, permitting assistance, site preparation, and complete post frame building construction.

Little Construction Co., Inc. is a Registered Contractor with the State of New Jersey, Division of Consumer Affairs (License #13VH01334900) and a 35+ year member of the N.F.B.A. (National Frame Building Association). We carry full Worker's Compensation and General Liability Insurance. We've been awarded the N.F.B.A. (National Frame Building Association) Post Frame Building of the Year award in 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2022.

What are Post Frame Construction Buildings?

At Little Construction Co., Inc., the post frame buildings we build for our New Jersey area clients are beautiful, efficient structures with a primary framing system comprised of vertical timber columns standing on concrete footings, connected to wood roof trusses or rafters. Additional, framing materials known as roof purlins and wall girts are added to accept the exterior sheathing.

From the concrete foundation right through the framing and finishing of your building, our New Jersey area post frame building projects move quickly, saving you money. We finish the exteriors any way you want, offering many design ideas and optional features, including insulation, interior finishes, wall lighting, cupolas, dormers, Dutch doors, porches, lean-to's, sliding doors, skylights, box stalls, second floors, siding (wood, metal, vinyl, HardiePlank, stone, brick or stucco), and much more.

Benefits of Post Frame Buildings

There are several benefits of having a post frame construction building built for your New Jersey property, including:


One of the primary benefits of a post frame construction building in New Jersey is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to traditional structures, New Jersey post frame construction buildings require fewer materials and less time to build, resulting in a lower overall cost. Additionally, the design of post frame buildings allows for more efficient use of space, meaning that you can get more square footage for your money. This makes post frame construction a great option for your New Jersey property if you want to maximize your budget while still getting a high-quality, durable structure.

Quick Construction Time

Unlike traditional stick-built structures, which can take months to build, post frame buildings can be constructed for your New Jersey property in a matter of weeks. This is because the design requires fewer materials and simpler construction techniques, making the process quicker and more efficient. With post frame construction, you can have your new building up and ready to use in no time, allowing you to start enjoying the benefits of your new space sooner rather than later.


Post frame construction buildings in New Jersey can be used for a variety of purposes, such as storage sheds, workshops, barns, garages, stores, and even homes. They are highly customizable, allowing you to create a space on your New Jersey property that meets your specific needs and preferences.


The post frame buildings we build in New Jersey are known for their strength and durability, utilizing wooden posts that are embedded in the ground or set on a concrete foundation. These posts serve as the main support for the building and are spaced farther apart than in traditional structures. High quality metal roofing and siding are added for additional durability against harsh weather, as well as corrosion, rust and decay.

Energy Efficiency

Post frame buildings can be highly energy-efficient if designed correctly. By incorporating features such as insulation, proper ventilation, and energy-efficient windows and doors into your New Jersey post frame building, you can reduce your energy costs and make your building more comfortable to work in and even live in.

Contact Us for Post Frame Buildings in New Jersey

We would be happy to quote your New Jersey post frame building construction. All we need are the basic building specifications from you and we can design/build the building shell. To get started, please feel free to email us or call our office at 609-261-6000.

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